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How fast can a bearing rotate?

Clasic Bearings work to help one surface slide along another by minimizing the points of friction between the two. Imagine sliding a puck across a hockey table without using the air . There's friction at all points where the puck is touching the surface. But if you turn the air on, Suddenly that puck is racing across the table.


Below is standart size Air Bearing speed  RPM

0.25 Inch  140,000
13 mm 76,500
20 mm 50,000
25mm 40,000
40mm 25,000
50mm 20,000
75mm 13,250

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Comment of Alan:
You didn't answer the question to "How fast can a bearing rotate?". Was looking for some data - not just "...that puck is racing across the table". I am curious, since I am contemplating a wheel hub application - and having a feel for whether I am in the ballpark of viability would be nice! Thanks - Alan
Added at: 2016-10-25 00:18

Comment of Jy Jy:
Go on main page and click the bearings that you need to know the speed
Added at: 2016-10-25 02:14